Opal: The Queen of Gemstones

Opals are truly one-of-a-kind.  Gemstone identification books will tell you that opals cannot be mistaken for any other gem.  They glow and sparkle with a rainbow of colors, ethereal and enigmatic.  To look into the depths of a precious opal is to perhaps see the way Impressionist painters saw, a world full of movement and color… Read the full article on marketsquarejewelers.com

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  1. Opal gem stones have a unique color formation property due to which it attracts many people. You described it very well how this stone is formed and what are the different beliefs regarding this gemstone .

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  2. Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that opals are prone to crazing which is caused by the rapid changes in the temperature. I guess I would have to take good care of it once I buy one for myself on my birthday. This is because I found out that it is my birthstone which is why I have decided to at least buy myself a necklace with an opal pendant.

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    1. Hi Millie! Crazing can happen, but likely you will avoid it simply by treating your opal jewelry with the same care you would give to other fine jewelry. An opal pendant is an excellent choice, as it is away from any hazards caused by day to day wear! We have an excellent selection of opal pendants for you to browse: https://www.marketsquarejewelers.com/collections/opal/pendant?sort_by=created-descending


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