Featured Item: An Antique Etruscan Revival Turquoise Pendant

Every now and then, we get a Victorian Era piece that really stands out from the rest.  This large medallion pendant, with its pavé set turquoise gems, is one of those pieces!  Everything from the granulated texture of the gold, to the design of the settings, to the elegantly draping tassel accent, makes this brooch pendant worthy of the spotlight.  It is also a great illustration of the Etruscan Revival period of the 19th century.


Etruscan Revival in the Victorian Era

Italian excavations in the early nineteenth century revealed the ancient treasures of the Etruscans, including extraordinary gold jewelry.  Roman goldsmith Fortunate Pio Castellani is credited with discerning these ancient techniques and putting them into practice, making it possible for contemporary and future jewelry makers to mimic the Etruscan style.  Characteristic of this style is the application of minute gold granules and scrolling filigree pieces to create a beautiful texture.  This ornate look fit right into the Victorian sensibility, and coupled with the archaeological craze of that time, an Etruscan revival was born.

The reverse side of this pendant is made of glass, waiting to hold a photo of a loved one.

To learn more about the features of this piece, click the photo, and to shop the rest of our Victorian jewelry collection, click here.



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