Exotic Romance: The History of Bohemian Garnet Jewelry

From fashion to interior design, bohemian style is as popular as ever – but have you ever wondered where it comes from?  The word “Bohemian” derives from the region of Bohemia, a kingdom which later became Czechoslovakia.  Among other flourishing trades, this region produced gorgeous, deep red garnet gemstones and a style of jewelry that quickly became popular in the late Victorian Era and through the turn of the century.


The Covetable Qualities of Bohemian Garnet Jewelry

True Bohemian garnets were mined from the region, however, the term is often applied to pieces that feature certain defining characteristics.  Clustered together in pavé settings (designed to show as little metal as possible), these crimson gems emulate the jewel like seeds of a pomegranate, shining and richly hued.  Rose cut faceting helps the garnets sparkle in the light, adding dimension.  Often these pieces were crafted from less expensive metals, making them affordable to a broad audience and allowing them to explode in popularity.


Garnets: A Timeless Gem

Full of mystery and romance, garnets are a timeless gem.  Perfectly suited as January’s birthstone, garnets have a dark glamour that matches the furs and velvets of winter, like a glass of Pinot Noir in front of a roaring fireplace.  Victorian jewelry has renewed in popularity in recent years, and now is the perfect time to start a Bohemian garnet collection of your own.  Click the photos to learn more about the pieces you see here.


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