Hand Engraving Services: Monograms, Lettering and Scripts

At Market Square Jewelers, we offer hand engraving services for all kinds of jewelry: signet rings, lockets, flatware and wedding rings.  We have been working with the same master engraver for over twenty years.  He is truly an artist and we feel so lucky to have him as part of our team.  Please take a look at some of the custom work he has done for us below.


Period Hand Engraved Monograms

We especially love replicating period specific monograms and initials on antique signet rings, flatware and scripts on the inside of rings so that they look original to the piece.  Monograms and letters were often quite ornate on antique pieces, with curving lines, intricate shading, and the little details, making the monogram especially personal.  Our engraver can replicate these scrolling interwoven letters to create your own personal monogram.

Common Monograms for Wedding Bands

Up until the 1950s and 60s, it was commonplace for wedding rings and engagement rings to be engraved in script with the givers and receivers initials and the date of their nuptials.  For example, this would traditionally be written RAL to EHH May 9, 2015 in french script.  Now, couples are still engraving their wedding rings but it seems they are using more creative liberty!  More often than not, couples engrave cryptic messages that are special to them.


Stamping Depth Engraving

Our engraver offers a “stamping depth” engraving, which is great for heavy signet rings.  Customers often choose this method of engraving a family crest ring.  This creates a wonderful and timeless heirloom piece that could be used as a press for sealing wax.


Our engraving services are priced based on the complexity of the monogram/lettering.  For simple scripts, our engraver prices his work by the letter.  For stamping depth engraving or other custom jobs, please contact us for custom pricing.

What are your ideas?

Have an idea?  Our engraver has engraved logos, done scrollwork on bands and engagement rings, family crests, pet portraits, re-engraved worn out monograms and initials, and many many more projects.  Don’t see the font or style that suits you?  Send us a photo of the script/font that you would like.  Our engraver can replicate almost any style!


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