Featured Item: Ethiopian Opal Lariat Necklace in Yellow Gold

The inspiration for this designed piece came from an antique lariat, a delicate necklace that has a long tassel as its centerpiece. Antique lariats date all back to the turn of the century, the Victorian time period, and like lavaliers were often given as engagement gifts from a man to a woman.

This lariat features an Ethiopian opal, otherwise known as Welo opal named after the mine from which it came from.  If you’ve never worn an opal against your skin, you should know that they have a special sensuality- they’re smooth and soft and have a velvet luxury about them. This particular Opal was hand selected for this lariat because of its symmetrical pear shape, vibrant color and appropriate size.  This necklace has strong flashes of blue, green and the most rare, expensive and sought after color: red.

The pearls interspersed on the necklace and the pattern of the chain give the piece a casual feel. I imagine this necklace worn regularly against the skin, since it would easily transition from casual wear to evening.

Weighing in at 3.23 carats, this opal is exquisite and the design is a traditional classic.  It would make a fabulous Christmas gift for a November birthday or for someone who loves the natural beauty of this gemstone.  Priced at $1245.00.  View the link here.

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