Meet Alex! Our Online Sales Manager

If you have purchased from us online, you have likely worked with Alex, our online sales manager.  She first began at MSJ in our Portsmouth, NH store and now manages all of our online sales.  She is the creative behind our Instagram account and our unique window displays.  You’ll never find her without high heels and her big heart!  Alex is a delight to work with and we are so fortunate to have her a part of our team! Love Alex?  Send her a note here or even better, write us a Google Review! We would love to hear from you!


What do you do at Market Square Jewelers?
I wear lots of hats, but mostly I handle all the incoming emails and calls across all of our sales channels. If you are communicating with us online, whether through our website, Etsy, Facebook or Instagram, it’s most likely me!

I also do a lot of creative projects for MSJ, my favorite being window displays during the holidays and the summer months.  I take the majority of our social media photos and am always doing small creative projects, such as ad designs, for the business.

When did you start working for MSJ? 
I started with MSJ in the summer of 2010. I worked for three years in our busiest store, the Portsmouth location, before venturing into the online world four years ago.  There are some days where I miss the face to face interaction with customers coming into our shops.  But communicating with people all over the world, hearing their stories, their excitement over our pieces in emails, and seeing them posts reviews and photos on our social media accounts, is just as rewarding! 

What’s your favorite part of your job?
All of the positive feedback we get from people – I love when people find the perfect piece of jewelry that makes them smile.

Where did you go to college? What did you study?
I went to the University of New Hampshire, and graduated from there with my Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts, with a concentration in photography. (Though painting is my favorite hobby). Below is one of my recent works.  Now, I’m currently enrolled with the GIA to get my gemology degree!
What’s your least favorite part of your job?!
Resisting the temptation of all the beautiful items at work everyday! These two agate rings are the last things I couldn’t resist!
Are you a cat person or dog person? 
Definitely a cat lady. Cats make great companions because they need just the right amount of attention, but can also be on their own and do their own thing. I have the greatest cat alive, Tommy, who kills all bugs that get into my apartment and plays fetch.
Favorite piece of jewelry you’ve ever seen in the store / handled?
Oh such a hard one. Way too many things. But I think some of my favorite things to ever have seen and handled were the 6 carat natural alexandrite ring, the etruscan necklace, and anything with real scarab beetles or snake motifs. I love snakes in jewelry – but who doesn’t?!  Below is a photo of me modeling the Etruscan revival necklace.  It is still for sale, check it out here.
Last two vacations, where did you go? What does next year’s travel look like?
The last vacations I took were Thailand, Morocco and an African Safari, all with my little sister.  I have so many more places on my bucket list!

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