Why We Love Vintage and Estate Jewelry

While modern jewelry is produced in lots of tens, or even hundreds of thousands of identical pieces, antique rings were crafted in much smaller production runs, with each individual mounting finished by hand. This means that each vintage ring is unique, bearing small details that are individual and beautiful. We’ve worked with couples for over 30 years to find the perfect vintage or estate piece for their taste and budget.

We Feature Antique Diamond Cuts

The way a diamond is faceted, or cut, is as distinctive as a fingerprint. While modern cuts focus on glitter and glitz, antique cuts can glow as though lit from within!  The high dome of Old Mine Cut diamonds will look like a romantic full moon in some lights, while others will reflect entire rainbows of color!

At Market Square Jewelers, It’s not all diamonds

While the practice of giving a ring to signify engagement goes back hundreds of years, the use of diamonds is a more modern variation. We set our antique engagement rings with a variety of stones, from the finest Ceylon Sapphires in every shade of the rainbow, to truly unusual, colorful gems like spinel and zircon!

We Focus on the Craftsmanship

‘They don’t make them like that anymore. Literally.’ Compare two filigree pieces, one from the modern era, and one from the Art Deco era, and you’ll see some major differences. While the modern piece may look clunky and thick, the antique filigree will be crop and clean, and of much finer detail.

We Feature Modern Gemstones in Estate Rings 

Many of our pieces feature antique gemstones that are extremely rare today. In some instances, we set an antique or vintage mounting with a new gemstone hand picked from our extensive collection. We do this to enhance the beauty of the piece or to replace a gemstone that was worn or damaged.

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