Sharon’s Orange Blossom Band & Engagement Ring Makeover!

This is what Sharon G had to say about her experience at Market Square Jewelers.

This summer Market Square Jewelers fulfilled for me what I thought was an unattainable dream wedding ring set!

From Michigan to New Hampshire I was chasing what I thought to be a unicorn ring, a nonexistent replication of my great grandmothers orange blossom wedding band that I could wear stacked as my ten year anniversary band. I came into the shop after being inspired by pieces posted in their online Etsy shop then realizing… Read the full article  on

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  1. joyce turco says:

    Hello, Is all the work done on your premises? I have been checking with you for a three stone ring but in the meantime my husband has agreed to give his diamond to me and I will need to buy a new setting from you. Do you do that work at your place or does it have to be sent away?
    Joyce Turco


    1. Hi Joyce!
      We would love to be part of a design/redesign process! All of our work is done in our Dover, NH location. We have four full-time jewelers on site that service all of our brick and mortar’s needs. Everything from a simple prong repair to a full redesign!

      Did you check out our semi-mounts from the Elizabeth Henry Collection?

      Let us know how else we can help!


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