The Finest Native American Collection We’ve Bought!

Wow Wow WOW!  This collection of Native American jewelry just makes me drool!!!  Purchased from one collector, this series features massive rings, huge bracelets, bear claw necklaces and squash blossoms, and a couple of sets with incredible chunks of American spiderweb turquoise.  Shop our Native American Collection by clicking here.

Native American Rings Huge Market Square Jewelers

When stuff like this comes our way, I try on every piece – imagining what it was like to work on each handmade item.  Starting with finding the piece of treasured blue green turquoise, cutting and polishing it, and then creating a sterling mounting for each individual nugget.

Native American Necklaces Big Market Square Jewelers

Traditional Native American jewels, feature bold and bright contrasts of colors, such as turquoise and red/orange coral – this collection is no exception.  Bold silver surrounds these pieces with organic floral motifs and brights balls of polished silver.

The rings below feature intarsia, a term used for stone inlay commonly found in Native American pieces.

Native American Rings Market Square Jewelers

Most times with new acquisitions, we polish all our pieces.  This collection, on the contrary was not polished to perfection.  So much of the beauty of these pieces lies in the patina of the metal – and the oxidation of the silver.

I worn this handmade belt as a bracelet – the slides move around a leather strap.

Native American Leather Belt with Silver Slides

To see all of this Native American jewelry, plus others that are not featured, visit our Native American Collection by clicking here.  You can always contact us with further questions about any of our items, by visiting our contact us page, here.  We love Native American pieces and are so excited to have this collection to share with you!  Enjoy!

Native American Turquoise Rings


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