Hey, December Babies! Blue Zircon LOVE!


Yes, I am one of them too!  Us December babies have THE BEST birthstone, zircon!

Ranging from blue, to champagne, to burnt orange, zircon is an incredible gemstone that ranges in color dramatically!  Most of our zircons are a vivid medium blue, with undertones of green. The more vibrant the color, the more valuable the gemstone.  The lighter the stone, typically the less expensive.


Here’s a large size round zircon (which is typically how they are cut to optimize their brilliance).  This one is set in Elizabeth Henry’s Grace setting.  

Blue zircon was a gemstone that was originally designed to be used in gold filled jewelry in the 1950s-60s.  We were fortunate to purchase a large quantity of these gemstones from a gold filled manufacturer from that time period.  The stones are old stock, meaning they were cut in the 1950s, but were never used and are in perfect condition.  We are now setting these stones into gold and platinum, because they hold a much higher value and are quite rare, especially in perfect condition!


We set this blue zircon into an Art Deco era white and green gold dinner ring, truly a one of a kind heirloom piece! 
Zircon is doubly refractive, which means that when light enters the gemstone, it splits in two and comes back twice to your eye.  Because of this unique property, zircon will sparkle with additional colors, beyond its body color.  In a blue zircon, for instance, you will see flashes of orange, yellow, green and red glittering back to you!

Most often zircon will be fashioned and faceted in a round shape, showing off the beauty of the double refraction.  Though sometimes, we will find emerald cuts and ovals; these are a much more rare cut.


Here’s a medium sized blue zircon set in a Art deco reproduction mounting from the EHCollection.  Shop this ring here.  

Click here, to shop our entire zircon collection. You can always contact us with further questions about any of our items, by visiting our contact us page, here.

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